Tummy Tuck Cost & US National Average Prices

When you think about wearing that “little black dress” or maybe a bathing suit, do you find yourself feeling self-conscious or anxious because you have developed excess weight around your waist?

Is diet and exercise just not cutting the grade at reducing your midsection’s excess flab and sagging skin? If you are in overall good health, you might be a candidate to consider getting a tummy tuck.

Tummy Tuck Costs

The national average price for a tummy tuck (the surgeon fee) was $5,278 in 2011 according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. There are other costs that you will have to take into consideration. Those would be for pre-op, anesthesia, pre-op testing, surgical garments worn after the surgery, physician fees, and facility costs. Location is the key to pricing. New York City, for example, would be much higher in price than, let’s say Mexico. And whether you decide on having it done in a doctor’s office or a medical facility, is another factor in determining pricing.

  • $5,278 – Average US national price for a tummy tuck.
  • $435 – $1,800 – Cost for anesthesia.
  • $1,200 – 10,000 – Facility cost depending on location
  • $500 and up – Pre-op testing
  • The cost for male vs female tummy tucks varies because of the fact that males don’t need as much done, read more about expensive vs cheap tummy tucks.

How You Decide If A Tummy Tuck Is Right for You

There are many things you might want to take into consideration when looking into having this kind of procedure done. If you have exhausted all other avenues, this should be the last resort, as it is a form of major surgery. It is wise, first, to do research on the topic before you jump in and make your final decision. Our aim has been to cover most of the aspects you need to consider right here on tummytuckcost.com. And also to give you all this information in an easy to understand kind of way. Hope you enjoy it!

Below follows an instructional video provided by Michael A. Bogdan, MD FACS

Abdominoplasty, also referred to as a tummy tuck is a procedure that will remove the loose abdominal skin and fat from around your middle. It will sculpt your midsection by tightening the muscles separated or weakened by pregnancy, or during an excessive weight loss. It can also smooth out those unsightly stretch marks beneath the navel. Both men and women alike, can benefit from this type of surgery.

Types of Tummy Tucks

There are several different types of Abdominoplasty procedures. You will, most likely, discuss which option is right for you with your surgeon. The times of recovery depend on the type of surgery, and the individual patient. Results will vary from person to person, as well.

The traditional tummy tuck and extended procedures are the most invasive.
They require work done in most of the abdomen, with a large incision from hipbone to hipbone, while the extended surgery is the longer of the two. The extended tummy tuck requires a larger incision and is recommended for those patients seeking to remove lower belly flab beneath the navel. The traditional tummy tuck and the extended one are recommended for patients with the most corrective issues, such as extensive flab or sagging skin. The belly button will typically be involved with a full tummy tuck, but not touched with a mini tummy tuck, make sure to ask your surgeon in your specific case.

Types of Less Invasive Tummy Tucks

There are also less invasive tummy tucks. The endoscopic tummy tuck is where a camera, on a long tube, is inserted through small incisions. This has the most minimal bruising, swelling and scarring. There is also the laser tummy tuck & mini tummy tuck. A patient should be within 10% of their desired weight when considering one of these.

Read more about different types of tummy tucks.

Tummy Tuck Benefits

The benefits, regardless of which path you choose to take, are numerous. The price, the surgeon, the location and the procedure type are the most important aspects. No matter what choices you make, you will find yourself to have a more stream-lined contour of your midsection. That stubborn fat and belly bulge that diet and exercise have not gotten rid of, will be diminished. You’ll find your appearance will give you an overall boost in attitude and self-esteem. And you will be able to fit into those favorite skinny jeans again, or possibly even a smaller size!

What You Need To Consider

To summarize, one of the biggest decisions is how much a tummy tuck costs. There is also the decision you must make of which type of procedure that is right for your personal needs. You’ll have to decide which surgeon you choose in your area taking into consideration on what his/her credentials are, such as being board certified, and other patient testimonials regarding his/her work. To contact a board certified tummy tuck surgeon, click here.

It is also important to know what happens before and after the surgery is done in order to obtain and maintain the best results, such as continuing with a proper diet, and an exercise plan. Learn more about tummy tuck risks, tummy tuck complications, tummy tuck recovery, pregnancy and tummy tucks, tummy tuck scaring, cheap tummy tucks & how to find a tummy tuck surgeon in the top navigation of this site.

Financing Tummy Tucks & Insurance

Because this is considered by most insurances as a type of cosmetic surgery, most will not pay for this procedure. This shouldn’t be confused with liposuction or cosmetic surgery (plastic surgery). If you want to know more about the differences between a tummy tuck and liposuction, please visit our section on this topic.  However there is an exception, such as a hernia repair, as this might be part of that surgery and insurances will cover it. Most physicians will work with you on financing options, whether in-house or done through a 3rd party.

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