Laser Tummy Tuck

When looking into options for a tummy tuck, many men and women might hear of a laser tummy tuck.

Laser Tummy Tuck

A Laser Tummy Tuck  is one of the available types of procedures available to help reduce excess skin after losing weight, pregnancy or other issues that lead to lower self-esteem or discomfort regarding the stomach and abdominal region of the body.

What is a Laser Tummy Tuck?

Before determining if this method of improving the appearance of the stomach is right on a personal level, it is important to understand what it is and how it differs from the traditional procedure.

The laser tummy tuck is a non-invasive procedure that helps tighten the excess skin on the stomach for a flatter and more youthful appearance. In many cases, it is combined with a laser liposuction to help reduce fat and then tighten the skin, though this is not always necessary depending on the patient and their particular body.

A laser tummy tuck uses laser technology rather than using incisions and surgery. As a minimally invasive procedure, men and women can expect less risk of scarring when compared to the traditional tummy tuck.

The way the procedure works is that the small laser is inserted under the skin. As it heats up, the excess fat starts to melt. During the healing after the procedure, the laser causes collagen production that tightens the skin and makes the stomach become much tighter and compact.

Benefits of a Laser Tummy Tuck

The benefits of a laser tummy tuck can make it an appropriate choice for those who are considering a cosmetic surgery on the stomach.

One of the major benefits is the lower risk of scarring. As a minimally invasive procedure that uses a much smaller incision, it has much smaller scars than the traditional tummy tuck. In some cases, the procedure might not leave any scars, depending on individual body and healing.

Another benefit is that it has a shorter recovery time than the traditional procedure. Since it is minimally invasive and uses only a small incision, it does not take as much time as the traditional procedure. It is less traumatic for the body, so recovery is much smoother and easier when compared to other options.

Disadvantages of a Laser Tummy Tuck

Though the advantages and benefits of a laser tummy tuck are clear, it is not always appropriate in every situation. Some patients are advised by board certified surgeons to opt for a traditional or mini tummy tuck instead because the doctor determines they are not likely to have the desired results with a laser.

The main disadvantage of the laser tummy tuck is that the results are sometimes unpredictable when compared to the traditional procedure. In general, skin that has been compromised, such as skin stretched quickly from pregnancy, might not respond well to laser tightening because the skin is damaged. It also depends on an individual body. Each individual produces collagen at different rates, so if the body does not produce as much collagen as it needs to tighten the skin to the desired amount it will have less desirable results.

Another potential problem that might arise is adverse reactions to the laser. Some individuals might develop rashes or burns. Though this side effect does not occur in every patient, it is a consideration as a potential risk.

Cost of a Laser Tummy Tuck

While the laser tummy tuck cost will vary based on factors like location, the doctor’s popularity and the type of laser used for the procedure, on average men and women can expect to pay a similar cost as a traditional tummy tuck.

The average laser tummy tuck cost is roughly between $6,000 and $8,000. This amount varies widely between doctors and the location. Some doctors might charge more or less than the averages for various reasons, such as the cost of living in the area or their expertise and years of experience. More popular board certified surgeons are often more expensive than the averages while less well-known doctors will generally charge a lower price.

Best Patients for a Laser Tummy Tuck

In general, a laser tummy tuck is best suited to particular patients. The ideal patient is someone who is young and has not compromised their skin, because he or she is most likely to have the best results. It is also appropriate for those who do not need dramatic results, but rather have minor flaws to improve. Patients who have large amounts of excess skin from weight loss, pregnancy or similar situations are best suited for the traditional procedure instead. For those who are unsure, discussing the best option with a board certified surgeon is ideal to make an educated decision.

The laser tummy tuck is a great option for those who will benefit from it. Unfortunately, it is not always the best choice for every patient. Taking time to consult a board certified surgeon and find out which tummy tuck option is best for the individual body and situation will help determine if this minimally invasive option might be the right choice. To schedule a free consultation with one of 3.200+ board certified US surgeons, simply fill in the contact form or call the number found on the upper right corner of this page and we will get back to you shortly.